My Simple Prayer

Lord God, I am not worthy to stand before you and ask for your forgiveness but still I do… And you know how much my heart desire your forgiveness for I know I am sinner and will always be for I am human… I wish to be like you someday, I wish I can just be all giving and all holy but since I can’t, I hope you will continue to love me and forgive me…

Lord God, maraming salamat for all the blessings u given me and my family… Thank you for the food on our table and for the people around us…

I humbly pray that you keep me on your guidance and love…

Be with me all the time that I travel bck and forth to work…. Be with me on everyday of my life…

Im also praying that my mom, grannies and siblings have a long happy life under your grace… keep them bless like me…

Lord God, please make haste to HEAL me and my body… I’d been coughing a lot nowadays… Wake me up on time everyday too…


All of this I pray in the name of Lord Jesus Christ and in the intercession of our Mother, Mama Mary…



To Learn Constantly Everyday – MATURITY!

We don’t usually see ourselves in our other side, I mean from our normal routine, thus we just see something that totally varies from what we normally do. We tend to act as if everyday is another normal day – breakfast, traffic off to work, pressure for job quotas, family time and rest. Then suddenly when something is not going the right way, we will hardly think what’s making our world go haywire.

Right now, I’m loosing my sense of maturity – gripping tightly to nothing. I’m not one of the idiots who are just talking shit behind my back not even acknowledging that they are missing few points in their way lives.

I remember a friend telling me that I need not to be sad when this is happening for this is a reality that everyone will encounter no matter if he is the most powerful man alive.

Most of the time, I don’t really mind if I will have a good day or not. I am the kind of person who seems to enjoy going and riding into the flow of events happening around me. But now, this has been a scheme that I want to remove off my system. And, I’ll kill myself if I can’t have it deleted off my hard drive. I need to learn how to be matured – again, or I will self destruct.

Maturity is a sense of being. Its a portion of our ego telling us that we can be this and that as we please. If we can be matured enough, we can isolate a normal day from the not so good one and pass it with flying colors. We will not have a hard time thinking why this and that happened. But how can someone be a master of this sense?

Here is my perspective, the virtues of maturity as I may say.

M is for Mindfulness. The first and the most important of all the virtues. This a way of thinking where in all angles are being considered. It’s never one-sided. It’s alive, it’s working and most importantly, its assumptive and reasonable.

A is for being Adaptive. Adaptation is a way of living. It’s a positive form of adjusting to an environment. If one can adjust then nothing will fall backwards. At a regular rate, one can adjust to a new environment after a week while a matured one can do it in a day with out a hassle.

T is for Tactfulness. A thinker who can adjust always needs to be keen of his words. Mature people think more and speak less. When they speak its full, timely and worth the wait. Tactfulness are masters of any jargon, they know what to say. The words are always clearly spoken and well chosen.

U is for Unambitious. Who does not aimed high? There is. The matured ones. They don’t aim high but they aim more than enough, just up to a level of a certain objective. Aiming too much is always the root of failing. Aim enough, be unambitious.

R is nothing but for Readiness. Being matured is the same thing as being prepared at all cost. Being ready is virtue that needs time – I’ll say huge time. This is a permanent investment – can’t be sold nor can be bought.

I is Individuality. The sense of independence. The feeling of being alone. The state of standing in your own two feet. This is a measure of one’s capability to do things on his own. A way of solely owning a responsibility – taking all risk and all possible chances to overcome an issue positively arriving to a resolution.

T is one’s Talents. Fortunate are those who have a lot of these. Lucky are those who utilized their’s as a way of living. Singing and dancing are the common thoughts of these but there are more to consider: being quiet, sense of leadership, writing prowess and deductive reasoning are the bosses among all talents. Are you one of us?

Lastly, Y is in YOU… Inside you is your self maturity. A baby inside you that needs nourishment every second, every minute, every hour and everyday! Upgrade your own self and be matured enough.

No one can beat a matured player. Bearing this in mind will constantly remind you that there is no one else in this world to unmatched but your own self.

Learn how to be matured. Little steps will be bigger and bigger. Crawl if you need to learn in the absence of anything, breathe if you need to learn how to stop and fly if you need to sky dive head first if you need to die not learning from same mistake of immaturity.

What Our Mothers Is Trying To Say

Everyday, everyone of us are thinking why our mothers love to nag at us like the way they do to our dads. There are mom’s who nag at their children like 48 hours a day but lucky for some, there are moms who shouts just one a day.

I am a victim of the same thing too.

My mom nags at me all of the time too.

And for heaven sake, the only reaon why this is happening is because my mom loves me more than she love herself.

So guys, you will always have to remember to love your mom the way I do.

Say I love you and do what they want for we dont know the last time they will be asking you to wash your undies or what not.

And, dont forget to do the same with you dads, they just dont talk a lot like our moms, but they equally love us.

Things Will Be Better Everyday

I remember one of my old friend telling me, “Mas masarap mabuhay kung maraming challenges, EXCITING!“. Then he will all of a sudden, compares me to his children who are really fortunate of their good lives. Now I came to a point of realizing what was the tought all about.

I, as part of the story, enjoy a life of my own. I don’t spare so much time with my family for I am renting my own place as well. I manage my finances, I work hard for it to flow my way.

But now, it’s a worst come to worst scenario. I lost my job!

That was the only time that I realized that my old friend was right. Life is exciting when you will have to think of what to do next every time because of the limited resources that will be needed to accomplish these tasks. Its like staying in bed for a few more minutes after waking up thinking where to have a full, descent yet inexpensive breakfast or to not have one. Late breakfast and early lunch in one jump-packed meal will resolve it. Then, right after blunch is managing the whole day, its like whether I will go out to look for a job or to fix my clearance back in my previous company, then will come to think of just staying home to save the only money I have to lengthen my days of survival. Then comes dinner, will sure skip it sometimes but the hardest part is sleeping. Always, it’s the hardest part. Waking up is hard, staying up the whole day managing the day is harder and sleeping is the hardest part. At night before going to sleep is the time when every problems boils down into my mind. But hell, its exciting.

Now my brain neurons are working effectively to think harder as to what to do everyday. What bills to pay first and where to get money. What to do first and after in my priority list or should I say my bucket list.


It is exciting because you go out of the normal day. Being out of your comfort zone means something like strengthening yourself. Like an up skilling process, you will come to develop new ways of living. The exciting part is that you are like an open target to a sniper ready to kill you yet you have to survive every shots the sniper will shoot at you. Being in this kind of situation is like being a vulnerable patient that can be sick to each and every harmful infections around yet still up and kicking.

Since the period of training is done every minute of the day the only result is like having a better day everyday!

Love is the Feeling of Pain

Love is defined as strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal tie or attraction based on sexual desire. Usually, this is commonly called the feeling of attachment to some one or to some things.

But for me, love is more than that. Aside from the feeling of affection, love is the exact feeling of pain.

How come?

Not really sure if you will say the same but love I know, at the back of your minds, you’re partially agreeing to me.

When I fall in love, I understand how different this emotion is. It’s complicated. It’s undefinable.

It’s something that I can compare to the weather around us. Sometimes it’s warm, then suddenly its cold. Sometimes it’s freezing then it would turn out really sunny on the other side. Sometimes it’s just raining so heavy that you wished to stop but sometimes its raining low yet still enjoyable. Sometimes is fire burning and then will turn humid and windy.

But in all of this, the most emotion we can feel the most is the feeling of pain when were in love. We’re happy, yes. We’re satisfied, yes. We’re into it and enjoying it, yes. But these emotions will all turn down after we feel that we’re alone, that we’re being ignored, that he/she turned aback.

The feeling of pain when were in love is more than evident than all the positive emotions combined.

When we fall in love, its like we were happy, the we were hurt, we quarreled, we broke up and we felt it, we felt the final emotion. The feeling of pain. And that’s love – the exact feeling of pain.

Like a road trip, love can go smooth and quick yet we missed the fun and adventures along the way. It can go smooth but long yet its a tiring one. It can also be bad and will forever be. In worst cases, road trip can be really tragic and may trippers may die, just exactly how love can end lovers worst scenarios.

Love is something that is build on happiness, feeling of security and trust but like any weather and road trips, love is something normal and the only way we will know that were into it is if something bad is occurring. And that is how I learned that the feeling of love is the feeling pain.

When in Pain of Constipation, Enjoy Champoy

I just had one champoy candy after lunch and I felt something moving inside my tummy… Wondering if that was something that I just ate, I decided to check for some of the benefits of the foods I have intaked today… The last food I ate was champoy, courtesy of my preggy pretty office friend, and upon checking I found out that “Prunes and their “juice” contain the natural laxative dihydrophenylisatin (related to isatin).[3] Faster results are obtained by heating the prune juice. Prunes also contain dietary fiber (about 6%, or 0.06 g per gram of prune). Prunes and prune juice are thus common home remedies for constipation.” (