What Our Mothers Is Trying To Say

Everyday, everyone of us are thinking why our mothers love to nag at us like the way they do to our dads. There are mom’s who nag at their children like 48 hours a day but lucky for some, there are moms who shouts just one a day.

I am a victim of the same thing too.

My mom nags at me all of the time too.

And for heaven sake, the only reaon why this is happening is because my mom loves me more than she love herself.

So guys, you will always have to remember to love your mom the way I do.

Say I love you and do what they want for we dont know the last time they will be asking you to wash your undies or what not.

And, dont forget to do the same with you dads, they just dont talk a lot like our moms, but they equally love us.