Things Will Be Better Everyday

I remember one of my old friend telling me, “Mas masarap mabuhay kung maraming challenges, EXCITING!“. Then he will all of a sudden, compares me to his children who are really fortunate of their good lives. Now I came to a point of realizing what was the tought all about.

I, as part of the story, enjoy a life of my own. I don’t spare so much time with my family for I am renting my own place as well. I manage my finances, I work hard for it to flow my way.

But now, it’s a worst come to worst scenario. I lost my job!

That was the only time that I realized that my old friend was right. Life is exciting when you will have to think of what to do next every time because of the limited resources that will be needed to accomplish these tasks. Its like staying in bed for a few more minutes after waking up thinking where to have a full, descent yet inexpensive breakfast or to not have one. Late breakfast and early lunch in one jump-packed meal will resolve it. Then, right after blunch is managing the whole day, its like whether I will go out to look for a job or to fix my clearance back in my previous company, then will come to think of just staying home to save the only money I have to lengthen my days of survival. Then comes dinner, will sure skip it sometimes but the hardest part is sleeping. Always, it’s the hardest part. Waking up is hard, staying up the whole day managing the day is harder and sleeping is the hardest part. At night before going to sleep is the time when every problems boils down into my mind. But hell, its exciting.

Now my brain neurons are working effectively to think harder as to what to do everyday. What bills to pay first and where to get money. What to do first and after in my priority list or should I say my bucket list.


It is exciting because you go out of the normal day. Being out of your comfort zone means something like strengthening yourself. Like an up skilling process, you will come to develop new ways of living. The exciting part is that you are like an open target to a sniper ready to kill you yet you have to survive every shots the sniper will shoot at you. Being in this kind of situation is like being a vulnerable patient that can be sick to each and every harmful infections around yet still up and kicking.

Since the period of training is done every minute of the day the only result is like having a better day everyday!