Love is the Feeling of Pain

Love is defined as strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal tie or attraction based on sexual desire. Usually, this is commonly called the feeling of attachment to some one or to some things.

But for me, love is more than that. Aside from the feeling of affection, love is the exact feeling of pain.

How come?

Not really sure if you will say the same but love I know, at the back of your minds, you’re partially agreeing to me.

When I fall in love, I understand how different this emotion is. It’s complicated. It’s undefinable.

It’s something that I can compare to the weather around us. Sometimes it’s warm, then suddenly its cold. Sometimes it’s freezing then it would turn out really sunny on the other side. Sometimes it’s just raining so heavy that you wished to stop but sometimes its raining low yet still enjoyable. Sometimes is fire burning and then will turn humid and windy.

But in all of this, the most emotion we can feel the most is the feeling of pain when were in love. We’re happy, yes. We’re satisfied, yes. We’re into it and enjoying it, yes. But these emotions will all turn down after we feel that we’re alone, that we’re being ignored, that he/she turned aback.

The feeling of pain when were in love is more than evident than all the positive emotions combined.

When we fall in love, its like we were happy, the we were hurt, we quarreled, we broke up and we felt it, we felt the final emotion. The feeling of pain. And that’s love – the exact feeling of pain.

Like a road trip, love can go smooth and quick yet we missed the fun and adventures along the way. It can go smooth but long yet its a tiring one. It can also be bad and will forever be. In worst cases, road trip can be really tragic and may trippers may die, just exactly how love can end lovers worst scenarios.

Love is something that is build on happiness, feeling of security and trust but like any weather and road trips, love is something normal and the only way we will know that were into it is if something bad is occurring. And that is how I learned that the feeling of love is the feeling pain.