When in Pain of Constipation, Enjoy Champoy

I just had one champoy candy after lunch and I felt something moving inside my tummy… Wondering if that was something that I just ate, I decided to check for some of the benefits of the foods I have intaked today… The last food I ate was champoy, courtesy of my preggy pretty office friend, and upon checking I found out that “Prunes and their “juice” contain the natural laxative dihydrophenylisatin (related to isatin).[3] Faster results are obtained by heating the prune juice. Prunes also contain dietary fiber (about 6%, or 0.06 g per gram of prune). Prunes and prune juice are thus common home remedies for constipation.” (

My First with My iPod!

This is my first post using my iPod… I will say it’s hard but I am enjoying it… I hope I can do this more often… Thanks to the wifi access provided by Robinsons Galleria…