How to Change a Life

This is impossible!

I always thought that no one in this world is capable of changing his/her own life. I always believed that things are bound to happen and so each of our lives is destined as to who we are and we can never have it altered. For instance, if I was born from slums, I will be growing there, learn to live in there and will soon die, still being part of the poor or if I was born with golden spoon on my mouth, I’ll live raised in a good family, education and a lifestyle of my own with high-end techy gadgets, cars, pods and all community access, and will live happier.

It was only until now that I realized that YES, there is a way to change a life – TO CHANGE MY LIFE.

I was born of the middle class, raised from a good family, was educated well, has a good job yet I was still thinking of living the lives of the upper class, the one with cars, with pods and a magic wallet. How?

The only way is through the help of our community, the people around us. I know you know that NO MAN IS AN ISLAND and that THE ONLY THING CONSTANT IN THESE WORLD IS CHANGE so be it, it just mean that if we will have the aid of our community, we will be able to change our lives.

Still vague? Let me further explain, we only wants to alter some parts of our lives if we believe that this is not proper. Then if we are rich, of course, we’ll never dream of being poor. Then if we are poor we dream of having enough, if we are educated well we dream of a better job. And all of this is with in our community.

Say I was born from the slums, despite of being in there, I can still live a life. I may not learn the basic education or may not eat much in a day but I still I can survive with the aid of my community. Then I’ll dream of having a better life, I’m on the right age, maybe I can start joining classes for out of school youth which is now locally provided by the governments all over the world. Then after learning a bit, I can find a job in my locale, not the job of the corporates but a job that I can learn to be with, a job that can help me eat three times a day and then can help me learn more. I can then send my self to another higher courses, this again is found in our local community. Then a better job. Along with the side of learning and looking for jobs are our pears and foes, another thing found in our community and this will be our major strengths. There are people destined to help us. Our friends will push us to be better, our friends are usually the one with in our reach and our better aides. Then foes, this our the people who will help us to more inspired, the people who we wants to prove our worth which is an essential part of survival and winning. Foes are usually the one the will make us feels I can do better because I hate being humiliated.

This instance might just be all good if we are choosing the right ways, but hey, if we want to change, the only thing we have to do are the right things. How will we change from our living if we will give into drugs? How will we change if we will sell ourselves for money? How will we change if we will do wrong?


Now, we know how this will work, many will still say that this wont work and I agree. Why? Because this wont work easily. It is impossible to gain an access to our community, to the friends and foes around us and to the best things that the government is giving us with out the only key – OURSELVES.

If we want to change, if we want to achieve something, all the help is just around the corner. It is locally available in the corner of the community we are in. From Education, Health, Technology, Transportation and Communication, Housing, Trade and Industry, all of these are locally available now and they are just waiting for us to move, for us to see them and eventually utilized them for our good.

The key is composed of DETERMINATION – our will to change, PERSEVERANCE – our strength, and WISDOM – our guide to right and wrong.

To change ourselves is I guess the hardest part of living. This will require the whole of our being. This doesn’t care how we were raised by our parents, this doesn’t care what our environment is. It only needs us, our selves, our determination to change, our perseverance to continually do our best despite a thousand of failures and knowing what is right and applying it to everyday.

LIFE IS TOUGH, IF WE WANT TO CHANGE IT, ITS A BATTLE OF BETWEEN OUR OWN SELVES, I versus I, ME versus ME and of course with the aid of community, WE versus WE.