We’re Fire and Water

Still, the memories of last night linger in my mind. I came in the dark, all the lights were off, then I lied beside the person I had ever longed for.

This has been part of my past and last night was the beginning of the following season. Since it was a totally burning one, calls us Fire and Water, me being Fire.

 I never thought that I will have this experience again. All the kisses I left in Water’s young body, all the thoughts I had ever imagine was happening again. Water finally give in with legs opened.

 All I understand is that I have to make Water real hot so I caressed, licked and kissed and nibbled in with all I am.

 Finally I had Water boiling, then burning and a flood of flame burst out.

 Dont know what will happen next but I’m hoping it will be the same warm thing, a flame that we can rekindle forever.


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