A Night with Iron Man

Woke up late again, excited to work since its pay day. Phoned office to advise that I will be late. After confirming that the salary is already in my account, I head out the office. I was under time for about thirty minutes. It was raining hard in the metro; Pio Valenzela Street is flooded as usual.


Being curious how good the movie: Iron Man 2, I decided to invite a friend to join me up. We headed after the rain passed, it was around 9:30. Catching the movie at the last screening around 10:00 is impossible but we headed anyway. Maybe because I really wanted to head out and enjoy the night. It was exactly 10:22 PM when we were able to reserve our seat for the last extended screening of the movie by 11:59 PM.

After the diner was the movie. The story line of Iron Man 2 is much better this time, phasing was fast yet understandable. All of the effects used, visual, audio and the graphics are good, graded them A for a nice transition. The fight scenes were also great, not that much excitement like the first movie but I was still into it specially when her assistant Natalie Roshman, an agent in disguise, jumped into action – Scarlet Johansson was really gorgeous. 
Above all the lessons of the movie is there. It reminds me of virtues of trust, revenge, friendship and letting go. It also showed that it is needed to take all the risks that is part of the life we choose live by whether this may cause our all.

Below is the trailer of Iron Man 2.

Again, I highly recommend this movie to all.


We’re Fire and Water

Still, the memories of last night linger in my mind. I came in the dark, all the lights were off, then I lied beside the person I had ever longed for.

This has been part of my past and last night was the beginning of the following season. Since it was a totally burning one, calls us Fire and Water, me being Fire.

 I never thought that I will have this experience again. All the kisses I left in Water’s young body, all the thoughts I had ever imagine was happening again. Water finally give in with legs opened.

 All I understand is that I have to make Water real hot so I caressed, licked and kissed and nibbled in with all I am.

 Finally I had Water boiling, then burning and a flood of flame burst out.

 Dont know what will happen next but I’m hoping it will be the same warm thing, a flame that we can rekindle forever.