Kudos to Tau Gamma Phi Sta Fe Chapter!!! Ü

For the past few weeks, I’d been hanging out with a bunch of cool guys, a breed of the tougher ones, the member of the most known fraternity of the Philippines, Triskelion – Tau Gamm Phi, they belong to the Sta. Fe Chapter and they are not the usual boys of the block that I’m usually with.


First, I was wondering how they are living their lives, all the vices are in them, yet most of them don’t have permanent and regular jobs, but they are really surviving. It’s strange but it’s something worth while to learn. BILIB NA BILIB AKO SA MGA TAONG GAYA NILA.


I’m still learning their ways, mahirap pero alam ko na kaya ko din mabuhay gaya nila.


Last May 2 was the Feast of Sto. Cristo and surprisingly, the whole brotherhood were able to put up a good celebration.


They started working for the banderitas and then for the repainting of the street lines and arch. Then they made children and young hearts with nice parlor games. Finally they were up for celebrating the night with a round of brandy…


BASTA SALUDO AKO SA MGA BAGONG TROPA KO! They might not look as good as the conio’s of the uptown but they really have a good heart for their community!




The First

Should I be having serious inputs for my first blog here in World Press?

I guess I have to because I believe that first impression last. Let me give it a shot.

Its difficult to say something today because I’m kinda clouded, my mind’s thoughts can’t even let me sleep last night and I’m not sure if can be on my best tomorrow. That is what I’m feeling right now.

I was also thinking if this thing will work for me. Many people writes to forget, so I was hoping that this can either help me forget my feelings or this can bring out my negative emotions.

I write to be remembered, that’s why I don’t know how to write in order to make bad things work good.

All in, that’s me, I write to be happy… Ü